A Bright Future In which Briefcase Biotec Leads Us

The world’s attention is focused on Briefcase Biotec, a company that strongly promotes biohacktivism. This company develops equipment dedicated to the life science. Their product KiloNaser is the DNA synthesis machine Nespresso. Briefcase Biotec was founded in Austria in the city of Graz in 2014, by a team of biohackers – professionals in biology (molecular), computer science, and electrical engineering. This young team of innovators is trying to make the science independent and widely available, and it changes the world for the better.

The goal of establishing this company is the fact that the situation in the academic community was quite limited by young scientists and their development. Universities had great control over projects conducted by researchers, as universities are those in their possession that have research facilities. The problem is that those faculties have had a monopoly since they have the power to decide who has access to labs and equipment, and therefore who has the opportunity to develop their research projects.

Bioreactor and DNA synthesize

The founders of Briefcase Biotec were decided to build their laboratory equipment, and they dedicated their time to the bioreactor. Their system is open and free, independent of any university, and it leads them to what their company is today. Among other things, this company has  Open BioLab in its headquarters (for short OLGA) – it is the first hackerspace in Europe that got a license for GMO in 2013.

KiloBaserTheir system is made around open source software and open archeology. They have managed to reduce not only general costs but also those related to excessive spare extensions and parts. They have also implemented a system that enables remote monitoring and control of bioreactors at any place and at any time, and only via a telephone, computer or tablet, without additional installations. They have succeeded in making laboratory products and tools more favorable precisely for the sake of easier advancement in science.

This led them to their new concept – KiloBaser, a machine that has simplified the entire process needed to synthesize DNA, so the lab does not need to order samples from others. This reduces not only the cost but also the valuable time spent on delivery from another company back to your laboratory. Their machine has also simplified the whole process, and in this way significantly reduce the necessary costs and time.

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